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Your new Mezzanine floor must comply with current BUILDING REGULATIONS and you need to be certain that the proposed structure is not only suitable for your requirements and that it will fit in with your existing and proposed ground floor layout (without compromising fixtures, slab joints, drainage/access shafts, etc), but that it fulfills all current regulations.

Jigfloor will be happy to visit site and carry out a full survey, prior to providing a CAD drawing of the proposed Mezzanine, complete with a set of calculations "proving" the structure, in order that the proposal can be forwarded to your Local Authority for Building Regulations Approval (either by you, or if you prefer by Jigfloor).

The fee for this service is £650.00 (excluding the application) and it will be be deducted from the final sales invoice once Jigfloor have supplied and installed your floor (unless of course you decide not to go ahead with the purchase of a Jigfloor Mezzanine, in which case you will own the drawing and calculations and you can use them to have another fabricator manufacture to the same details) so for example, if our quote for your floor is £3000.00 and you choose to have a survey, drawings and calculations package prior to making the full commitment, your initial outlay of £650.00 will be credited against the final invoice and you will be billed £2,350.00 once we complete the floor installation - this allows you to satisfy yourselves that the proposal is sound and compliant, prior to finalising the full order.

Finally, Jigfloor will be pleased to make the full BUILDING REGULATIONS APPLICATION on your behalf - ask us for a quote for this service.